The Issues Of Antibiotics Misuse

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In NURN 422, I researched and discussed the serious implications of antibiotics misuse, and explored ways to educate patients (and parents in pediatrics) about their proper use in order to counteract the long-term problem it is creating.
In recent years, overuse of antibiotics have been in the spotlight due to the fact that bacterial infections are becoming resistant (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention [CDC], 2014). The healthcare industry’s inappropriate prescribing habits have been a significant part of the problem. This includes prescribing antibiotics as a ‘just-in-case’ basis, prescription based on symptom-criteria, patients demanding for a fast relief of symptoms, and unsuitable use of broad-spectrum antibiotics without determining if there is an actual clinical need for it (CDC, 2011). Having knowledge of what is being treated, educating providers, patients and parents of pediatric patients on the use of these medications will have a major impact on lowering abuse and/or overuse of antibiotics. Nurses can and should be at the forefront of this issue and take a lead in the education of patients and parents.
*Discussion of the current work process. (PLAN)
1) Flowcharts and/or thoroughly describes the current steps of the work process. My quality improvement project, which is to educate patients in the overuse and/or misuse of antibiotics, will be implemented during the patient flow process. The current process for our clinic is typical of most
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