The Issues Of Constitutional Frameworks

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This paper puts in practice a series of academic perspectives about constitutional frameworks, which I apply to the case of Eaglestan, a country which recently transformed into a democratic rule after twenty years of authoritarianism. My overall framework for Eaglestan is based on consensus political systems. I provide strong evidence that unicameral legislature elected through mixed-member proportional representation system (MMP), and semi-presidentialism, with both the president and the prime minister being responsible for the governance, should be constitutional structures through which Eaglestan strengthens its democratic framework. Yet, I discuss possible flaws which this structure might bring. I choose these systems because of the…show more content…
The Dutch state, for example, emphasizes diversity, interdependence, and dynamic collaborations between fairly independent tiers of government through unitary system. For sharing similar attributes with the Netherlands, for example the size of the population and the ethnic diversity, I suggest unitary government as a system which brings stability, efficiency, and emphasizes diversity in Eaglestan. In order to overcome the possible flaws of unitarism, for example disregards to local differences, devolution needs to be executed for the local governments to address issues in individual regions rather than to be implemented centrally. Even though unitary system in Eaglestan might seem inappropriate due to its ethnic diversity, I claim that that the unitary system should indeed create the base for Eaglastan’s national identity to emerge through its centralized government . Eaglestan’s executive branch should adopt semi-presidentialism as the system of government. Semi-presidentialism has increased the democratic performance in East European countries, especially in Poland, Hungary, and most recently in the Czech Republic. All these three countries are somewhat similar to Eaglestan for their ethnic diversity being dispersed through the countries and their shared experience with authoritarianism. Moreover, the head of state is selected independently of the legislature which will pave the paths toward consolidated democracy as we can see in Poland . Semi-presidentialism in
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