The Issues Of Financial Demands And Permits

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In reaching an agreement on the issues of financial demands and permits, our party thought that the last issue in the agenda was the press release; however, the mayors asked for an annual fixed payment of $250,000.00 per town from the corporation. While our party was not provided with an acceptable range to which we may agree upon as precluded by the confidential instructions, we instead offered to pay $200,000.00 as a low cost inducement instead, to which the mayors agreed upon. In an effort to reach an agreement with the counterparts to a positive press release of the corporation and its project, our party agreed to the payment in the spirit of the consensus decision rule because the need for the positive press release outweighed the need to minimize costs. In addition, the mayors offered to promote the project in the towns with the use of the $200,000.00 as a form of marketing expense, which the corporation could then respectively decrease from the marketing budget. In reaching an agreement on the issues of financial demands, permits, and fixed payments, each one of the parties were able to agree upon a positive press release with much ease, with an agreement that the mayors would take actions in order to prevent the potential blocking of the access to the site (see Appendix B for the final contract). III. Cultural influences A. Subgroup dominance Subgroups, as previously mentioned, were formed in the multiparty negotiation, as the respective mayors of the
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