The Issues Of Financial Reform Within The Un, Peacekeeping, And The Veto Power Essay

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The issues of Financial Reform within the UN, peacekeeping, and the Veto power are all interrelated. Veto countries abuse the powers they are given by refusing to pay, or contributing little to the UN and allowing the weaker countries to do the dirty work. Peace Keeping is, perhaps, The most important of the UN’s duties. But without the funds and equipment of the veto countries Peacekeeping forces will become only a memory. The main problem facing the UN, despite the issues with Veto powers, Peacekeeping, and the Americans, is the organization 's financial situation. It has been forced to begin a lengthy restructuring to make it more cost effective due to the lack of funds it is encountering. In a recent UN report entitled, “Renewing the United Nations: A Programme for Reform” the UN officials began to address this problem. The report outlined the course which will be taken in order to balance the budget. Since the organization itself is completely reliant upon the money it receives from it’s members it is almost helpless in its hopes to move forward. The only way of punishing members who do not pay is to kick them out of the organization and cut off the benefits they receive. The current financial reform of the UN is very complex. It will involve, for the most part, cuts in employee’s and an increased efficiency from it’s four departments. These departments being Peace and Security; Economic and Social Affairs; Development Co-operation; and Humanitarian Affairs.
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