The Issues Of Gender And Sexuality

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In “Hookers at the Point,” the issues of gender and sexuality clearly play an important role in prostitution. Prostitution is one of the most controversial and complex subjects in many parts of the world. Some feminist theorists believe that prostitution is a form of violence against females and others believe is a way for females to be in control of their sexuality. According to sociologist Susie Jacobs, who explores the link between sexuality and gender control, “women’s sexuality is regulated in most or all societies and regulation is maintained through the legal sphere, social constraints and punishments” (Jacobs, 2014). Thus, the idea of selling sex is considered linked to a system of male power that represents “the absolute embodiment of patriarchal man privilege” (Kesler, 2002). This cultural stereotype of prostitutes is complicated because the motivation behind prostitution varies.
Prostitution cuts through all education levels and classes of life. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how prostitution is a gendered paradigm and how its “actors” (prostitutes, johns, and pimps) are “doing gender.” Several points will be discussed; first, the lives of prostitutes and how they are doing gender within this patriarchal society will be explored. Second, the reasons johns seek prostitutes and the double standards which disproportionately harm prostitutes and the culture of acceptability of violence. According to feminist theorist, Jane Scoular,
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