The Issues Of Human Population Growth

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The Issues of Human Population Growth
Thesis: The topic of human population growth is an important issue due to its impacts upon people in developing countries, economics, religion, food production, and the environment; without any limitations, population growth can lead to negative consequences, such as famine and environmental destruction, or even positive outcomes, such as potential economic growth.
Body Paragraph 1: Developing Countries (Negative)
Population growth has been running rampant in developing countries for the past century due to a lack of education, medical care, and gender equality. According to Jonathon Porrit, a British environmentalist and writer, “The combined population of the four countries [Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia and Kenya] was 40 million in 1960. Now it is nearly 170 million [in late 2011].” “Overall, the human population has quadrupled in the twentieth century”(Cromwell 167) alone due to technological and medical advancements of the industrial revolution Because of the Industrial revolution, there have been many advancements in medicine, leading to lower morality rates in developed and developing countries alike. Developing countries lack the education and family planning that they need in order to maintain a stable and healthy population. Family planning is the act of” anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and the
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