The Issues Of Measuring Intelligence

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The Issues of Measuring Intelligence in Black Children The Lincoln University Deva Bennett Abstract Race stereotyping has been in existence for a long time now. The idea of color and superiority has had a great precedence in some people for a long time now. Researchers have had to deal with the problem of proving equality. Psychological assessments done on people with color have been greatly polarized. There has been purported bias on the tests done to such individuals, as there is no particular standard measure of conducting these studies. In education, the assertion that black children have poor language skills because of poor childhood backgrounds as a result of the ghetto effect does not hold water. This is a notion most scientist have conflict with as it’s a false assertion based on biased facts. Stereotype influences research regarding the topic; have made most of the studies done seem inefficient. Key words: Race, education, braised, stereotypes, childhood, inefficient The Issues of Measuring Intelligence in Black Children: Introduction International Relations have been guided by Westphalia narrative. Hence, cock-and-bull story in Eurocentric text has seen non-European world abandoned. The Westphalia was able to overcome the challenge of cultural construction; however, they still overlooked non-European ideas basing it on Eurocentric model. International Relations theory legitimizes Anglo-American imperialism (Beaujean &
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