The Issues Of Multiculturalism And Diversity

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I believe this article is prominent when addressing the issues of multiculturalism and diversity in that it explores thoughts and experiences of white female teachers educating students of color. The article takes real-world diversity issues within school settings and offers self-reflection on the parts of educators and the readers themselves. The teachers in the article are White females educating African American children. This is diversity in itself. The researcher allows the teachers to openly express how they feel about their experiences educating students of color. The teacher-student interactions are key in beginning to understand the lack of accurate background knowledge educators have concerning colored children. One teacher explained that the students cause her to be mean to them based on their behaviors. However, this teacher does not stop to reflect about why the students may be misbehaving or if the actions were truly defiance or another form of misbehavior. The most telling part of this is when the principal asks the teachers why they believe children of color perform much lower than White children. When the principal asked the teachers to read the synopsis on why the achievement gap between colored children and White children were far apart, the teachers seemed to brush it off as unimportant. In my opinion, I am reading about educators who have not taken the time to remove their preconceived notions about students of color to develop ways to make it better.
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