The Issues Of Students ' Rights

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The issues of students’ rights have been a battleground ever since 1969 and the Vietnam War. When students stood up for themselves they were shut down by those who were deemed more important: teacher, principals, and superintendents. Since the first case in 1969, students’ rights have become even more limited in the classroom. Although court cases like Tinker v Des Moines have protected the rights of students, other cases such as New Jersey v TLO and The Hazelwood School District v Kuhlmeier have drastically limited students’ freedoms. The 1969 Tinker v Des Moines Public Schools case was the first case to discuss the rights and freedoms of students. First of all, in December of 1965, a group of students including John Tinker, his sister Mary-Beth Tinker, and Christopher Eckhardt in Des Moines, Iowa planned to publicly show their opposition to the Vietnam war. The students decided to wear black armbands throughout the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This plan was a reasonable, especially compared to all of the other Vietnam War protests happening across the country, what separated the two was the fact that Tinker v Des Moines was a high school student based protest and it was completely harmless. This case and the cause of this case had the biggest impact on student life and liberties guaranteed to them. The principles decided that they would first ask the students to remove the armbands and suspend them, if they declined to do so. On the first day of this peaceful
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