The Issues Of The Transgender Community

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The discussion composed by Jessica Lynn was significantly insightful regarding the issues of the transgender community. For one thing, when it came to injustices in the justice system, I believed the limit was the race of the individual. However, Jessica Lynn`s unfortunate story about her being removed from her son 's birth certificate based solely on her gender identity is heartbreaking and surprising. Jessica Lynn`s presentation added to my understanding of how being transgender does not guarantee a fair advantage in the justice system as well. Biased and unfair justice system, can critically disadvantage anyone who is not living a ‘normal’ or accepted lifestyle. Moreover, her presentation made me realize that their feelings and desire to transition began during the early childhood development.
Personally, it was believed that their desire to transition began at during the adolescent stage of life. As discussed in class, social stratification refers to the organization of social hierarchies, and those who are higher in the social hierarchy have more access to resources and luxuries. Stratification is also known as a Structured Inequality, which can disadvantage those based off of their race, sex, and gender. In Jessica Lynn`s case she was more than capable to physically and psychologically care for her youngest son. However, despite her ability to care for her son, she was not granted the ability to have any form of custody of her son due to the fact that
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