The Issues Surrounding The Amazon Rainforest

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The Denver Academy has recently researched and defined some of the important facts surrounding the Amazon rainforest. In 2017, the Amazon rainforest covers 2.1 million square miles of South America. It is a vast ecosystem home to 10% of the world’s known species (The Denver Academy). They go on to say that the trees are so dense, when it rains, it takes 10 minutes for the water to break through the forest roof. The destruction of this habitat could lead to extinction of these species, and have devastating impacts all over the world from the loss of the lungs of the earth. While it is mainly concentrated in Brazil there are also large portions of the rainforest in Peru and Colombia, so many populations and economies are directly affected…show more content…
If this rate continues, the amazon will soon be depleted of all its resources, leaving tens of thousands of species homeless and greatly reducing the amount of fresh air available on the planet. As members of this planet, who happen to breathe oxygen, we should be taking appropriate measures to prevent this from occurring. Re-using old pastures is good for all parties. Not only would it reduce the deforestation rates, but it would have the added benefit of providing a use for the land. It may be cheaper to acquire the land as well, due to its dilapidation. Reducing the amount of rainforest clearing for cattle pastures can be achieved if the government puts more funding and research into recycling old pastures. The extinction of species in the Amazon is a very real threat to the planet’s health. The Giant Otter, South American Tapir, and the Red Faced Uakari Monkey are three examples of endangered species in the Amazon. Their habitats are constantly threatened by deforestation and is getting smaller every day (Aqua Expeditions 2014). Ecosystems are built on the food chain and have a balance to maintain in order to thrive. Plants provide food for herbivores, while herbivores nourish the carnivores; fungi and microorganisms feed off of all. When you remove even one species from the equation, it can threaten to collapse the entire ecosystem. When you compare this model to what’s happening in
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