The Issues Surrounding World Hunger

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As we look around our world today, we see many of the struggles we face as a nations combined. From the striking pace of global warming to the never-ending reoccurrence of both civil and international wars, there is still one issue that seems to continuously be thrown on the backburner. Whether it be the highly industrialized United States and China or the severely undeveloped areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, the pandemic of world hunger plagues all countries alike. According to Oxford English Dictionary (2014), hunger is referred to as the feeling of pain or weakness due to an absence of food, but what causes this ‘absence of food’? What prevents those suffering from accessing the proper nourishment? According to recent case studies and statistical data, the worldwide dilemma of hunger has been directly linked to the increasing presence of poverty. It has since then been hypothesized that the issues surrounding world hunger can ultimately be excised by directly combatting the matters related to poverty however, this can only be accomplished by first gaining a clear and concise understanding of the problem at hand and only from there, with the aid of government based resources, can we move forth to tackling the causes of poverty and ultimately hunger itself.
Like a middle school science project, in order to tackle the proposed problem, we must first assess what the problem truly is. Taking a glimpse at the widespread devastation of hunger around the world, it may appear as
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