The Issues That Are Occurring Within The Lgbt Community

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This essay is going to give a detailed overview about the issues that are occurring within the LGBT community. Whether the reader is against it, or for it, they will be educated in a great amount of detail and most likely will learn something new. This essay is going to give an overall description of LGBT people’s lives, whether it’s their rights, adoption, or dealing with homophobia and bullying. Homosexuality has also been found to be scientifically explained, which is what this essay will allow the reader to see. It will talk about the Bible for a paragraph, but not go over to much of the Bible, so it will prevent from angering the reader. Homosexuality is talked about religiously, politically, and socially which is what makes…show more content…
22) which gives a perfect example of why people wouldn’t see same-sex couples in the Bible during that time. Not all religious people hate or discriminate against homosexuals, but religion does play huge roll when dealing with homosexuality. Most people consider and believe that Russia is the most homophobic country in the world, however that is not true. While Russia may be the most open about them despising the homosexual’s and the most violent towards them, they are not however, the most homophobic country in the world. The most homophobic country in the world, still stands today, is none other than Nigeria. In a 2013 poll Nigeria found that, “97 percent of citizens think society should not accept homosexuality.”, (Strasser, 2014, para. 1) which results that, Nigeria is the most homophobic place in the world. The United States isn’t so innocent either; they are also in the top 13 for the most homophobic counties in the world. While the United States may be having a very slow process of their states passing gay marriage, it’s still a widely common issue to the Americans. Their southern states are still, have trouble passing gay marriage like, “Louisiana, South Carolina…that resemble Russia’s anti – gay propaganda laws... hate crimes remain frighteningly common”, (Strasser, 2014, para. 13) which in
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