The Issues and Impacts of Slavery in Jefferson's Republic Essay

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Throughout chapter 6 in John Hollitz's Thinking Through the Past issues were brought up about the Jefforsonian Republican ideology and the impacts of slavery upon it. The chapter included a secondary source from the author Ronald T. Tanaka correctly named, Within the ‘Bowels' of the Republic that identified the issues surrounding Thomas Jefferson's views on slavery in the post-revolution era. Tanaka took an in-depth view on the state of slavery after the American Revolution and the issues Jefferson faced as a result of the slavery of blacks and the ongoing presence of the Native population. Tanaka stated many truths about Jefferson's ideology throughout the secondary source that paralleled arguments apparent in the primary documents…show more content…
118). Tanaka was successful in portraying the lack of moral sense Blacks had and how they were obstacles in the way of Jefferson's dream of a Republic in America. The Native population held a similar dilemma for Jefferson in his aspirations for a homogenous society. Tanaka's explains that Indians carried some characteristics that could have been useful and prosperous in a republican society, "…in Jefferson's mind, Indians had potential blacks did not have: They had the intelligence capable of development which could enable them to carry out the commands of their moral sense" (Hollitz, pg.115). Tanaka expresses the fact that Jefferson viewed the Indians as possible compliant citizens of Virginia however; the Natives did not wish to be submissive to the way of American life. Jefferson's articulated in a letter to William Henry Harrison that the current state of Indians in 1803 was problematic and changes to their beliefs and ways of life were necessary in order to ensure a thriving republic, "The decrease of game rendering their subsistence by hunting insufficient, we wish to draw them to agriculture, to spinning and weaving" (Hollitz, pg.120). As both Tanaka and Jefferson alluded to, the Native

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