Essay about The Issues of Abortion and Gay Marriage

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The Issues of Abortion and Gay Marriage

The issues of abortion and gay marriage rights were issues that were fought over constantly by Liberals and Conservatives in the last elections. Both parties had different ways of looking at these problems, hence they both had different ideas as to how we could solve these problems. The Conservatives tended to take a more traditional stance, whereas the Liberals were set on pursuing the problem with new age solutions.

The issue of gay marriage is a rather new controversy that has only become disputed in the last decade. In a changing world gay marriage is now a huge issue that must be dealt with. The gay community believes that the 14th amendment permits gay marriage, but the law heeds to
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The reason for this, is Bush, a conservative, believes that gay marriage has never been part of America’s laws and traditions, therefore it should not be allowed now. The idea behind this is to stay with the laws that have worked so well for our country for over 200 years. And deviating from these traditions and laws could possibly lead to the eventual downfall of our government. Bush states in the final debate versus Kerry, “…we shouldn’t change, or have to change, our basic views on the sanctity of marriage…it is important that we protect the marriage as an institution, between a man and a woman.” Because to Bush, and other conservatives, deviating from our governments’ already conventional laws, could possibly bring about unwanted results. So on the issue of gay marriages, Bush believes it is best to stick to what we know works for our country.

Bush’s Republican party dealt with the issue of abortion with the standpoint that abortion is equivalent to murdering someone, and should be made illegal. Bush also believes that it is wrong to use taxpayer’s money to support abortion clinics. The president believes in the conservative traditional values in the sense that he does not believe that we should deviate from traditional values. He states, “The promise of our Declaration of Independence are not just for the strong, the independent, or the healthy. They are
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