The Issues of Globalization on National Cultures of Indonesia

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The issues of globalization increasingly dominate the universe’s life. The concept of globalization according to Robertson (1992) refers to the narrowing of the world as incentives and increased our awareness of the world, namely the increasing global connections and our understanding of the connection. Globalization is a situation in which no boundaries between the people of the world and links communities in a country with people in another countries. Globalization departs from an idea to unite the nations which is expected to be a mutual agreement and guidelines for nations around the world. Globalization is able to waive the space and time constraints to get the interaction and communication between nations can be done
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For example, Apple. In the social field, the majority of Indonesian society begin to forget their identity as Indonesian nation, especially young people. It is due to they are so easily imitate the culture and lifestyle of another country. For example, korean pop or k-pop.
This essay discuses the relevance of culture for understanding globalization and cultural change taking place in Indonesia. The issue of globalization and cultural change has recently figured prominently in various discourses in Indonesia, especially in relation to the question of how Indonesia’s cultural identities should be maintained in the face of such a global process.

Globalization of Culture
Aart Scholte said globalization is a series of processes in which social relations become relative regardles of geographic region.
Domnique Wolton, Head of Research Center of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) Franch when visiting Indonesia on 13 December 2004 stated, “The world today will enter the new developments of globalization. Culture globalization comes after political and economic globalization. From the three globalization, cultural sector is the most difficult. Economy globalization is the most convenient.”
Edward Burnett Tylor’s defintion is best described the study of culture, which is the whole complex, which contains the knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and other capabilities from any person as a member of
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