Essay about The Issues of Neglected Children

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The Issues of Neglected Children

“ “Child”: means a boy or a girl apparently or effectively aged less than eighteen years” (Van Stolk 146).

“Rich kids, middle-class kids, poor kids - all deal with risk and neglect on a scale unimagined in previous generations” (Hewitt 11). There are problems of poverty, absentee parents, divorce, violence and drugs, plus much more that is simply out of hand. Deprivation and rejection dominate the lives of many children, among both poor and middle-class.

We cannot ensure the safety of children on the streets or in our homes. On the educational front the news is even more disturbing, since underachievement and failure are now very popular.

Something else that contributes to child neglect is
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Since the basic foundation is that the family is and should be the social group responsible for the care and support of dependent youths, the argument of the relationship between the child and the economy of our society must first look at the economic role appointed to the adult guardians.

“ Canadian law is enlightened in its insistence on the welfare of the child as the center of concern in all matters of employment, law-breaking, custody and support” (Wilson 93). But if the law governs to protect children from certain obvious falses, it is also there to hold back the child from the fullest involvement in everyday life. The social status of the child rests among their families. Children today remain essentially the property of their parents who are free to do with them as they please. Circumstances are shown that children are usually determined by those of their families.

The government should express how much it values children by guaranteeing certain universal rights or entitlements. We need to design an understandable system of supports that give more chances to all Canadian children. Giving parental and maternity care are a positive way in showing how the government can establish its commitment to families
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