The Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Hollywood Cinema

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I. Introduction A. A history of racism in Hollywood B. Self-reinforcing process of economic calculation and racist assumptions C. Thesis: Studios are reticent to cast black and biracial actors in major roles in the fear that these films will not be successful with the viewing audience, but the decision to cast mostly white actors only serves to reinforce this assumption by preventing even the possibility of successful films with black and biracial leads; although recent evidence shows that this assumption is largely inaccurate, the practice persists, and only by critically examining this troubled history can one hope to precipitate a change. II. Early Hollywood A. Black-face was carried into film-making as Hollywood gradually adopted the styles and stereotypes of vaudeville. B. The earliest black characters were limited to a few stock stereotypes. C. These stereotypes have persisted throughout the twentieth century in modified forms III. The End of the Hays Code and the Beginning of Blaxploitation A. The Hays Code banned the representation of miscegenation. B. The end of the Hays Code coincide with the civil rights movement. C. Blaxploitation films arose as a result of these loosening restrictions coupled with greater visibility for black and biracial Americans. IV. Black entertainers on television in the 1980s and the rise of the black film star A. The founding of BET saw the advent of black entertainment as a lucrative sector in its own
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