The Italian Agriculture Business Industry

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Those oils are shipped tax-free to Italy, where they are bottled for the order and profit of the multinational corporations. The labels on bottles will read “Packed in Italy” and are sold at prices very close to the “Made in Italy” products. The knowledge of the origin the date of the product and the way that it was produced, including the chemicals that were added plus the sanitary issues involved are hidden or not disclosed, on labels thanks to the favoritism of the laws formulated that are putting at stake the consumer health. This is a downfall for the Italian image that before the multinationals entered the market was known for their high quality goods and the reputation in the field. The Italian agriculture business has to deal with the “Food Piracy.” Six million euro per hour that’s the amount of the made in Italy turnover loss; as it is reported by Confagricoltura (organization of representation and guardianship of the Italian agricultural enterprise.) A loss caused by the so-called “Italian sounding” whose images, names and colors imitate the Italian products, but actually those products have nothing to do with the original made in Italy quality, culture and traditions. Of course, it is a rip off for the consumer that is easily lured, especially if the consumer is not aware of the differences between the “Made in Italy” and “Product of Italy” or “Packed in Italy” labels. The Italian flag and its “Tricolore” (3 colors) “green-white-red” is always very visible, on
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