The Italian Kingdom Of Sicily

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The year is 1375 and the setting is the Italian Kingdom of Sicily. The Medieval era is drawing to a close. In addition, I am literate and study the writings of great religious thinkers that influence the world today. The late Medieval period witnessed the rise of the religious movement which was lead by Thomas Aquinas who invented the Thomistic way of thought which was based around Medieval scholasticism. He revolutionized the catholic church beginning in 1245 when he moved to Paris and studied under Albertus the Great.

I am a monk who studies in a monastery similar to one that Thomas Aquinas studied in his earlier years. I, like Aquinas, was originally a Benedictine monk who realized the wrongs associated with living an opulent lifestyle and have decided to live a humbler life by following the Dominican order. The goal of the Dominican order is to preach like the way religion was spread in the days of the bible (Thomas Aquinas Youtube). We pride ourselves on our many great thinkers. Of the great thinkers, none was more influential than Thomas Aquinas. My world view can be summed up using the the Thomistic way of thinking about faith and reason. Much like how I follow Aquinas’s work, he followed the work of Aristotle but modified it to make it relevant to religion.

Thomas Aquinas denied Plato’s idealism and his theory of forms which suggested that there are two worlds, the physical world that we live in and the world beyond which is made of forms, also known as faultless…
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