The Italian Republic

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Containing the Holy See, San Marino, and islands like Sicily, the Italian Republic was established in 1861 and has become part of the EU in the year 1952. Italy uses the Euro and is part of the Eurozone since 1999. 60 million people live in the nation and the government is a republic and the current president of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano and the prime minister is Matteo Renzi. Italy is most profitable market is in tourism, profiting over 31 billion euros per year from over 44 million tourists. With strong tourism backbones and leading companies Italy has become the fifth (6) most thriving nation in the European Union despite the losses or current inflations in the euro currency.
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Some accredited organizations like RWB (Reporters Without Borders) journalists calling them “Enemies of the Internet” and some blocking common websites such as Google web based services, many nations have been accused of over censoring the internet and also keeping a stringent authority by closely monitoring any activity their citizens do on the world wide web. Over 4.6 billion people around the globe do not have access to the internet.2400 sites have been shut down and censored by nations that contain policit forums, world news, and other historical events such as the Holocaust and over 63 journalists have been sentenced to death by the governments for usage…

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