The Ivory Trade Is An Important Issue

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In the world today, the global ivory trade is one of the most profitable and complex areas of poaching. The range and impact of the ivory trade is vast and devastating as it encompasses many countries in Africa, Asia, and even the United States. Thousands of elephants are being threatened and killed everyday for their tusks to be sold and be used for ornaments and carvings. While the issue may seem easy to understand, beneath the surface is a crisis that extends to many spectrums such as cultural, social, political, and economic areas. The ivory trade raises ethical issues on whether it is morally correct for humans to slaughter elephants for their tusk to be sold for commercial purposes. Therefore, the global ivory trade is an important…show more content…
In Chinese culture, ivory represents a symbol of status in that “giving a trinket carved from elephant tusk confers the highest honor” (Levine 2013). What makes the ivory trade problem a complex issue in China is that the ivory trade is legal with “150 legal, government-licensed ivory shops” (BBC 2014) and that the Chinese government says that “ivory carving is an ancient art it wants to keep alive” (BBC 2014) With a growing economy comes a growing middle class emerging in China, more and more individuals seek to obtain ivory as to symbolize their wealth.This highlights the cultural problem with the global ivory trade because countries like China struggle to suppress the trade of ivory due to many cultural ties it historically had with it and it’s citizens are so obsessed with it’s value that they lack “any potential concerns over its provenance.” (Levin 2013) When discussing about the global ivory trade one must consider the social issues that impacts the common people who share the same land as the elephants. A major misconception that people have is the belief that elephants only live on game reserves. In reality, elephants inhabit the same lands with their human neighbors. Because of this fact, the elephant population sometimes pose as a nuisance to human life and activities. As their population because more populated, elephants can sometimes wander out of the natural parks boundaries and into human communities which can create

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