The J. Paul Getty Museum

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For this essay, we were required to go to the Getty Villa in Malibu and look for specific works of art in the J. Paul Getty Museum. The Getty Villa is on a hill adjacent to Malibu beach and requires a reservation to get inside. They do not allow pedestrian entrances, so I had to take public transportation and show proof of my Metro bus receipt to get in. Once inside, I took a shuttle up a curvy hill to the actual museum. When I got to the actual entrance, I was taken aback by how beautiful not only the view was, but the Villa was as well. It did not take me long to find the five artworks. The first work of art we were required to look at was a grave stele. There were a collection of them against a wall on the second floor of the Getty Villa. The one that stuck out the most to me was titled Grave Stele of Herophanta and Posideos which was dated around 150 B.C. It is a Greek grave stele that was made in Smyrna, which is what we today call Turkey. The stele was around 4 feet tall and made out of marble. The back of the stele was not viewable, but the front had a lot of detail. On the front at the top displays what resembles a triangular pediment typically seen in Greek temples. Underneath that are two wreath-like objects. In the center, there is a portrait that shows a family consisting of a husband and wife with two children. The woman is holding a wreath and the two kids are crowded around the father. Each member of the family is wearing stylized drapery. Underneath the

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