The Jacket and Seventh Grade by Gary Soto

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Many authors use different structures for their writings. This can relate to Gary Soto’s “The Jacket” and “Seventh Grade”. “The Jacket” and “Seventh Grade” have different structures which build up their plot. Three main structural distinctions between “Seventh Grade” and “The Jacket” are their point of view, the setting, and the type of conflict. One transparent difference between “The Jacket” and “Seventh Grade” is their point of views. In “The Jacket”, Soto chose a first person narration, but for “Seventh Grade” Soto chose a third person omniscient narration. Throughout “The Jacket”, the narrator uses I, me, and my very often: “When I needed a new jacket and my mother asked what kind I wanted, I described something like bikers wear: black leather and silver studs, with enough belts to hold down a small town.” (Soto) This quote from the story shows Soto is using first person narration because of the repetition of ‘I’ during the narration. On the other hand, in “Seventh Grade”, the narrator uses him, she, they, and knows the inner thoughts of the characters: “He remembered his college years when he dated a girlfriend in borrowed cars... Victor couldn’t stand to look at Teresa. He was sweaty with shame.” (Soto) The narrator uses ‘he, she, and they’ often because he is not in the story, proving that “Seventh Grade” is a third person narration. When the narrator shows what Mr. Bueller is thinking in his past years in college, and what Victor is feeling (shame), he portrays

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