The Jacksonian Er The Era Of The United States

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The Jacksonian Era
The Jacksonian Era (1824-1841) has been known as the era of the “common man” primarily because of the acquaintance of democratic government in America with the help of Andrew Jackson. Democrats who favored Jackson believed that their role as a Jacksonian was to protect the individual liberty, the equality of economic opportunity, political democracy, and upholding the rights of the Constitution of the United States. Jackson was initially a general that helped the war effort to gain control of Mississippi at the Battle of New Orleans, which then led to his later election into Presidency via the popular vote of the people. Jackson’s political decisions always had the will of the people with minds, and this resulted in an extremely democracy-based United States.

Andrew Jackson was born in Scottish immigrated family. In the view of his triumphs as a general in the United States armed force, he was seen as a pioneer and picked up the ubiquity among regular people. In spite of his privileged, Jackson preached that one of his major objectives was to render the common people chances to participate in the governmental issues just as much as the white elites. Particularly, a veto message by President Jackson is represented in Document 2. Jackson showed his opinion towards the misuse of the bank by the exclusive class for its profits and diversion. He says that, “distinctions in society will always exist under every just government”, which added to his argument that…
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