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The Jaguar Smile: A Nicaraguan Journey written by Salman Rushdie, is a non-fiction book that gives the reader insight to the internal turmoil taking place in the nation of Nicaragua. Salman Rushdie is a British-Indian novelist who gained his fame for his fantastical novels about the post-colonial relationship between cultures of the East and West. Rushdie became interested in Nicaraguan affairs when the Regan administration started its “war” against Nicaragua. “I was myself the child of a successful revolt against a great power, my consciousness the product of the triumph of the Indian Revolution” (p.4). Rushdie made his trip to Nicaragua in July of 1986. He came to know a wide range of people, from the President to the everyday citizens.…show more content…
He quoted Ortega as saying that Reagan was ‘worse than Hitler’. The economy of Nicaragua was hugely dependent on imports, and US influence was of enormous importance. However, relations between the two nations began to plummet as the Cold War heightened. The USSR had recently funded a communications site on Nicaraguan soil to help them communicate with other socialist nations. With a rising fear of the USSR and other socialist nations, the US immediately accused it of being a spy base. Not shortly afterwards the US began to take action against Nicaragua by issuing an economic blockade. Because the Nicaraguan economy relied so heavily on imports, this had a profound effect and contributed to the collapse of the Nicaraguan economy. “It was impossible to spend even a day in Nicaragua without becoming aware of the huge and unrelenting pressure being exerted on the country by the giant standing on the northern front” (p.24). While the USSR and Cuba funded the Nicaraguan army, the US financed the contras. The Contras were the various rebel groups that opposed the FSLN. The Contras received both overt and covert military and financial support from the US through the CIA. The goal in supporting the Contras was to establish a friendly government in Nicaragua and to steer them away from socialist views. With the great imposing influence from the north, and the blockade of
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