The Jaguar by Ted Hughes Commentary

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The poem ‘‘The Jaguar’’ is written by the former British Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes. It is written in the third person perspective, describing the animal’s attitudes in the zoo. The speaker of the poem is unknown, but one could assume that Ted Hughes is the speaker himself. The poem describes the lifestyle of animals at the zoo and their different attitudes towards their entrapment in their cage, and tributes the majesty of the Jaguar. It compares the bored and lazy moods of animals, to the energetic, lively and adventurous mood of the Jaguar, which does not see his entrapped life, as anything which could stop him from behaving as if it were in his natural environment. This creates a rather reflective mood, and shows that the speaker feels…show more content…
An example of it’s use is ‘‘short fierce fuse’’ which repeats the sounds of ‘‘s’’ and ‘‘f’’. This quote suggests that the Jaguar is short tempered and aggressive, ready to explode any moment. The technique could also be described as alliteration. Overall , ‘‘The Jaguar’’ has a strong meaning and carries a thoughtful message. It is mainly written to describe how the encaged life in a zoo changes an animal’s behavior and their entire style of living, transforming it into a monotonous lifestyle, comparing their bizarre lifestyles to the undomesticated Jaguar’s. The message that the author is trying to pass through this poem is that the entrapment of animals is not healthy nor is it ethical for the animals, and therefore their behavior becomes abnormal. Ted Hughes has made the poem very effective for the reader as a result of his accessional use of similes, metaphors, and his imaginative use of imagery, which make the reader visualize and imagine what the caged animals feel, and what they go through in a daily basis. It makes the reader wonder if animal entrapment is right, or not, and makes them wonder if the Jaguar is truly such a magical

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