The Jahiliyya Period Versus the Qur'anic Period Essay

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The concept of Jahiliyya has been widespread throughout the Pre-Islamic world. Jahiliyya is ultimately the act of ignorance. Many people often worshipped idols and obeyed them as if they were God. Whenever a calamity would befall them, they would immediately turn to the idols and ask them for assistance. Unknowingly, the people of the Pre-Islamic world thought that these idols possessed the authority to quickly take care of manners in a timely fashion. Many people who lived in the Pre-Islamic world frankly did not know that these idols were incapable of guiding them in any way, shape, or form. How was poetry significant in the Pre-Islamic world? Many turned to poetry to express their feelings and ideas. They were able to articulate their …show more content…
And far is He above the partners they ascribe (to Him)!” (Surat: Yunus, Qur’an 10:18). Due to their ignorance, they also possessed a sense of arrogance. Allah warns us that he does not like those who are arrogant because it in turn leads to ignorance. The disbelievers did not feel ashamed of themselves when they associated other figures with Allah. However, their connection with poetry allowed them to express their feelings and uncensored lives, freely. They used poetry as a means of articulating life through a different perspective. Their lack of understanding their purpose in the worldly life put them at a great disadvantage. Jahiliyya poetry has been widely recognized as poetry of those who were in a state of bewilderment. Many of them disregarded the message that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent to spread, which was ultimately the truth. An analogy that sums up the lives of those living in the period of Jahiliyya would be, “The Elephant in the room,” which virtually refers to something apparent that one disregards. This can be seen as someone who acknowledges the truth, but decides not to follow it. The people who were part of the Jahiliyya period lived a dishonorable way of life. They knew if they accepted the message of Islam, many of the events that they took part of would
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