The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

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Hopes of American-Japanese relations came crumbling down when Japan launched a surprise attack on America during World War II (WWII) that would kill thousands. As the Empire of Japan expanded land into China, Americans became angered. The United States stopped all shipments of oil and steal to Japan which was being used to make various war machinery and thereon began sending other military hardware to the military leader of China. Numerous negotiations still did not sway the United States into allowing Japan to continue expansion, nor did Japan adhere to America’s terms of ceasing expansion. Japan acted on America’s decision to end all shipments by sending six aircrafts southward toward Hawaii and dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor, causing great damage and many casualties President Roosevelt declared the United States at war with Japan and sent Lieutenant J. H. Doolittle and other commanders on a mission to bomb Japan after their attack on Pearl Harbor. It was November 26th, 1941 that American military intelligence had received information that large Japanese transportation vessels were seen charging toward their base from Taiwan. They set out for their target of Pearl Harbor, located in Oahu, Hawaii, on December 7th, 1941 at 6:00 A.M and reached the Harbor at 7:55 A.M, when they dropped their first bombs. By the end of the day, nearly 2,400 soldiers and civilians alike where killed and the USS Arizona had sunk to the bottom of the Pearl Harbor

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