The Japanese Music Software Company Crypton

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Problem statement
This case study was in reflection of the Japanese music-software company Crypton and their most successful product Hatsune Miku - a “pre-packaged Vocaloid software” that eventually transformed to an internationally recognized Japanese virtual idol thanks to the impressive power of co-creation. Amateur and professional music producers were able to buy this software and use the pre-packaged synthetic vocals to make songs of their own, which were sung by the virtual character Hatsune Miku. Through the years and massive sales, hundreds of thousands of fans began creating not only songs, but artwork and animation involving this character and sharing it online through Facebook, YouTube, and Crypton created site Piapro. Hatsune Miku is the company’s biggest success by far.
This success however brought upon a problem for the company’s CEO: how to keep a healthy balance between the company’s original purpose and the new direction Hatsune Miku was pulling it towards. In other words, how not to become solely a Hatsune Miku company.
The company calls itself a “meta-creator,” meaning that their customers are creators for which they supply products and services that helps them create, such as music, pictures, videos, anime, games, and many other things. Hatsune Miku fit perfectly with this business model and went on to create unparalleled success. Today, in Japan, 95% of its citizens recognize who she is. So how does a company compete externally and internally with an…
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