The Jarrett Family Film Analysis

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The Jarrett family is an upper class family dealing with the loss of a teenage son. The family is currently comprised of a dad, Calvin who is a lawyer, Beth who is a stay-at-home mom, and Conrad, a teen son who has recently tried to commit suicide. The story describes the interactions of the family whom are trying to regain some sense of normalcy after the death of Buck, the oldest son. The primary conflict is between Beth and Conrad and their to inability to communicate their emotions, while Calvin is trying to be the peacemaker. This lack of communication could be solved if proper conflict management tools were in place and the family members were will to participate. The movie conveyed several scenes with communication failures resulting in silence by Beth and Calvin or violent outbursts by all three. A conflict management technique that may have been useful includes those ways to create a tone of safety during the conversations.

Conrad tended to internalize his emotions which resulted in violent outbursts. Examples of these are when he swore during the holiday photoshoot, he got into a fight with his longtime friend and when he became frustrated at his doctor’s office and threw items off of a shelf. All
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When Beth became violent when he suggested they see the doctor as a family, he went silent and agreed with her to withdraw from the conversation. He then became violent during his fight with Beth at the golf course which was controlling in that he wanted her to agree that there was a problem. At the end of the movie, Calvin was again violent in telling Beth that she was cold and unloving which was an attack to make her suffer for the way she treated Conrad. Although he demonstrated silence and violence, he still used healthy ways to communicate these feelings, therefore, there are not
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