The Jazz Musici Louis Armstrong

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“Jazz music came to seem not merely an annoyance but a threat,” (“Roaring Twenties”). The 1920’s was when Jazz became a hit: it was being played in roadhouses, dance halls and places all over the country. It’s a very fast paced sound that was different than what people had heard of before. Louis Armstrong was a very well-known jazz musician during this time. He played the trumpet and was a very good jazz musician. He was in many bands, played in Broadway and traveled playing jazz for people (Wenning). Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Woog, 15). He grew up in a very poor area nicknamed, “The Battlefield.” Armstrong’s parents both worked; his father was a factory worker then abandoned Louis’s family soon after Louis’s birth. His mother often went to prostitution, and she left him with her mother: his grandmother. Armstrong left school after the fifth grade, he started working for a Jewish family, which got him into singing. He gathered junk and delivered coal for the Jewish family (“Louis Armstrong”).
Later on, New Year’s Eve, 1912, Armstrong ran into some trouble with the cops because he was caught with his grandfather’s gun. After being caught he was sent to the Colored Waif’s Home for Boys. He was in the home for two years and while he was there, he was introduced and instructed in music. That’s when he fell in love with music and realized he wanted to do something with it when he was released. Once he was out on his own, Armstrong…
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