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I am very experienced in many media platforms having worked as a Senior Researcher on the Jeremy Kyle show, which has involved building a strong positive relationship with the contributors that I have cast, enough for them to trust me and contribute to the show. I have constantly displayed a consistency in my work ethic and my ability to pass on my knowledge of research practices onto others, which is why I was promoted from junior to senior researcher. As well as casting contributors for the show I was able to suggest the order of appearance for each guest as well as coming up with show ideas and part titles dependant on the focal point of the story.

During my first spell at the BBC when I was part of the CBBC Extra team, I had many responsibilities. For our FIFA 2014 World Cup film
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Whether it being a younger contributor under the age of 18 its also important that there is a suitable adult acting on there behalf i.e. family member or chaperone. Something I have been responsible for being across during my time at Jeremy Kyle and BBC Children’s. There is also a responsibility during Post Production when it comes down to using ‘Fast Clear’ and being aware as to which Music soundtracks are clearable.
I am aware of BBC Health and Safety guidelines when working in a studio environment, having completed many risk assessments during my time working in television I know to look out for common trip hazards on cables and ensuring both contributors and audience have a clear walkway to there end positions taking into account if there is any people that require assistance with walking whether in a wheelchair or walking stick it’s important to ensure there are alternative routes. Having gone through all BBC Mandatory training I know the importance of keeping our contributors safe during
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