The Jesus, I Never Knew By Philip Yancey

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Jesus is like the water a person drinks, it is a must to survive. I believe, that everyone has their idealized image of a social figure he or she does not know such as Martin Luther King, John F, Kennedy, and Malcolm X to name a few. Each of these people at one point has been portrayed in entertainment and people do not know if what is being portrayed is true. According to Yancey (1995), he described “Jesus as thin, handsome, skin waxen and milky white man” (p.13). However, after Yancey attends college, he begins to ponder, who is the real image of Jesus, aside from what is being portrayed in movies, or other entertainment? Sometimes, in life, people can go off what they have seen or heard about a person and not really understand the person. While, I am a granddaughter, of a minster, I have been told stories about who Jesus is, but have I seen him as the person he is deep down? The purpose of this paper is seeking to discuss the summary of the book, The Jesus, I Never Knew. I will be talking about Philip Yancey’s take on what he thinks of Jesus. I also will be discussing, some of Philip Yancey strengths and weakness about his book.
Everyone in life, has a certain image of what he or she thinks of Jesus. In the beginning of the book, Phillip Yancey, talks about, “Who Jesus Was” in part one. In part one, the reader gains a better insight into Jesus’s younger years, which is unknown to many people. In fact, the only information that people known about Jesus’ younger years are
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