The Jet Engine

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MODULE CODE: TH40018E MODULE TITLE: Introduction to Airline & Airport Management STUDENT No.: xxxxxxx HAND-IN DATE: xxxxxxx 2007 Introduction to Airline & Airport Management, xxxxxxx University. Academic year: 2006-07 To the attention of: xxxxxxx Discuss how the jet engine revolutionised the world of commercial aviation and how future innovations will continue to shape the industry. This essay shall talk colloquilly about the developments of the jet engine, commercial aviation in general and how future innovations will continue to shape the industry. In 1903 the Wright brothers; Wilber and Orville, became the first to run and fly a heavier than air machine at Kitty Hawk North Carolina in the United States of…show more content…
West Berlin housed one of the Allied settlements, an island surrounded by Soviet controlled territory. In June 1948, in a bid to control and overthrow the Allied settlement in West Berlin, the Soviets closed all ground passages to West Berlin, cutting off food and general supplies to the island region. Allied nations responded by flying food and necessary supplies in via air. This method proved to be extremely effective, although the settlements in West Berlin were cut off for nearly a year, daily food and rations fed those who remained. Allied nations realised the importance and need for more chartered carriers. After the Berlin air lift, the US passed the air deregulation act in 1978 which led to an open-skies policy [Pender, 2001]. It was not until the late 1950’s that the jet aircraft really “took off” again with the arrival of the Boeing 707 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-8, both proving to be hugely successful and the 707 still remains in service today. In 1970 Boeing brought one of the world’s most recognised aircraft into service - the Boeing 747 which seats over 400 passengers. By 1972 Airbus had joined the jet aircraft market and launched the A300 and only recently stopped production in July 2007. It was back during the Second World War that the supersonic jet engine was developed; this technology was later used for the first and only supersonic commercial passenger
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