The Jetstar Group : A Network Of Value Based Airlines Essay

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Explanation –

The Jetstar group is a network of value based airlines that provide affordable Austrlia,Newzealand and pacific region.It is launched in 2004 and they have flown over 130 million passengers and become the largest low cost carrier in the asia pacific by revenue .Their business mission is to offer 24/7 low fares enable more people to travel to different places,more often .In the beginning they started with 400 emplyees but now they have more than 7,000 multilingual employees and embassadors across asia pacific today.They have group consists of five airline are Jet star Australia and Newzealand (Wholly owned by quantus group). Jet star asia in Singapore ,Jetstar pacific in vietnam,Jet star Japan and Jetstar hongkong. Jetstar brand airlines have combined fleet of more than 110 aircrafts.

Performance of Jetstsar till now –

Jetstar understands the importance of getting you to your chosen destination on time, every time .We strive to operate every flight and meet every departure and arrivel time shown in our publisihed schedule and to do so without compromising safety. Jetstar uses the computerized Aircraft
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