The Jewish Experience in Venice in the Age of the Ghetto Essay

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. Searching for the word “Ghetto” in Longman’s Dictionary of Contemporary English, it can be read the following definition: “ Part of a city where people of a particular race or class, especially people who are poor, live separately from the rest of the people in the city. […] Sometimes considered offensive. A part of a city where Jews were forced to live in the past ” ( LD 678 ). As a result, the first general definition appears connected with the more specific example of the Jews. It seems to be particularly interesting, because it gives us a perspective of the idea of Ghetto that has been transformed and adapted to different realities, but unexpectedly it demonstrates the opposite of what was the Jewish experience of…show more content…
As a result, Jews had been suspected of favouring the enemy during the war against Turkish Empire, leading in this way to the growing of feeling against themselves. Louis Wirth has the merit to have defined the Ghetto as “an historical institution with a social role”, and just like that it was. As a matter of fact, a commercial empire like Venice needed liquid capital and needed to borrow and lend; Roth suggests an even more delicate consideration, which is the fact that expelling the Jews from Venice, as it had been decided after the great victory of Christian powers on Turkish force on October 7th of 1571, “would [have] strengthen the power of the Turkish empire, as the exile from Spain had done before them” ( Roth 91 ). So ,the establishment of the Jews Ghetto that had been made in 1516 was the only mean to control the minority of Jews. They would have been also important since they were useful as merchants and as craftsmen ( another time, the economical decadence of Spain after the expulsion of thousand of Jewish craftsmen in 1492 served as an example in the making of the Venetian Laws) . Besides, the Jews community of Venice was a guide and a model in religion and legal issues, and there were a lot of remarkable scholars and intellectuals ( one above all, Leon Modena ,

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