The Jewish Neighborhood West Of Toronto

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On April 8th, 2016, I went to a Jewish synagogue located close to Highway 403 and Erin Mills Parkway in Mississauga. They are called Solel which stands for “Your Jewish Home West of Toronto”. Solel was established in the 1970’s greatly to serve Jewish Families in Mississauga and the western Greater Toronto Area. This Jewish community is the modernized Jews who prides on welcoming non-Jews into the community and to the religion itself. Their motto is not to get to know you, meaning they welcome anyone from any religion to come and see how and what they do to perform their service with the offering of coffee and desserts which are very darn hard to say no to. They run many programs throughout the year that primarily focuses on how to perform and fulfill the Jewish/ Hebrew duties. These programs are for everyone from parents to grandparents and to teenagers through to young kids. In these programs they teach, tutor, sing and even play with students, which makes for a lovely environment for experiencing Hebrew duties. A few examples of such programs that I found amazing were the Jewish Information Class (JLC) which basically offers a 30-week course of understanding the religion itself, the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Preparation, which happens for welcoming a child into adulthood. Soon after these students spend the time with the rabbi to make sure that their experience is meaningful and joyous. By their Bar or Bat Mitzvah day, they believe that these students are able to lead the
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