The Jewish People Essay

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The Jewish people believe that society is currently living in the end of one of four time periods that pertain to the fulfillment of the end time prophecy. This time period is considered the Pre-Messianic period, meaning the Messiah has yet to come. In this period, God will bring about redemption in His own time. The Jews believe that if all of Israel were to return to God, the Messiah would come and the final redemption would be immediate. According to the Biblical text, there are many prophecies that must come to past before redemption occurs. A few of these prophetic signs concerning Israel have already been fulfilled. For instance, the dispersion and regathering of the Jews was prophesied and has since occurred. The Bible accounts for two separate gatherings of the Jews in the land of Israel. The first is to be a gathering in disbelief; this prophecy was fulfilled when the state of Israel was created in 1948. During this time the Jewish people will despise the values of their religion in the generations preceding the Messiah. The government will remain godless and immoral. Neither parents nor elders will be respected and families will turn against one another. The second gathering is yet to come, but will be one in which the Jews regather in belief for redemption and is in conjunction with the coming of the Messiah. More signs of the pre-Messianic Era include: a population explosion, times of great suffering will occur, the Holy Temple will be rebuilt, the war of Gog
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