The Jews And The Jewish Population

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Germany was ready to do everything they could in their power to make the Jewish population hated. They filled televised shows with hateful non-humanlike cartoons, put up disgusting paintings all over, and talked bad about the Jew’s on the radio. They also started teaching young children along with teenagers in Germany that Jewish people were not to be trusted stating that they were disgusting people so that the younger German’s would grow up with hatred for the Jew’s. Germany was willing to do everything they possibly could for all Germans to have hate along with despise for the Jew’s. The propaganda campaign was started and became very successful, it encouraged passivity and hate for the Jewish population. Scapegoating was caused as the Jewish population was being blamed and receiving negative treatment after being singled out by Germany. They were being singled out by being called out by the Nazi’s, for example they labeled Jews as “apes and pigs of a subhuman race who will hide behind stones and trees.” (Grossman, Page 3). Negative accusations of the Jewish population were being made daily, some which included “they are rich and money sticks to their fingers or parasites, capitalist exploiters and shy away from productive work” ( Karady,PG 302). The believed reason for all of the scapegoating was because Germany was being reminded of the Jewish subversion and foreign enemies. Scapegoating was the reason the propaganda campaign was formed for the Jew’s. There were many
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