The Jilting Of Granny Weatherall Character Analysis

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1. (61 words) The definition of character, as defined in “Backpack Literature” states that “A character, then, is presumably an imagined person who inhabits a story – although that simple definition may admit to a few exceptions.” However, I have a different definition that describes the word “character.” The definition of character is particularly any figure that represents a personality, purpose, or symbolic meaning. 2. (743 words) “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” is a short story written by Katherine Ann Porter, a writer from Indian Creek, Texas. Porter comes from a journalistic background. She first started working as a reporter while singing and acting on the side. In 1965, Porter won a Pulitzer Prize for a wide…show more content…
Later in the story we find that Granny Weatherall is “jilted” yet again. “For the second time there was no sign. Again no bridegroom and the priest in the house.” We can conclude that this time she is not ditched by a groom, but by God. This part of Porter’s story can be related to a story in the Bible where Jesus is symbolized as a bridegroom and ten virgins are symbolized as people prepared or not prepared, to enter heaven. In The Parable of Ten Virgins, Jesus tells a story about ten bridesmaids who are given the task of using their lamps to light a path for a bridegroom of a wedding. Five of the bridesmaids did not bring extra oil for the lamps, but the other five were not foolish and brought extra oil. The bridegroom was delayed so the virgins used more oil than planned. While the foolish bridesmaids were at the market getting more oil, the bridegroom arrives, locking the foolish bridesmaids out of the ceremony. The story leaves us with a moral to be prepared and stay awake because you do not know when it is your time to die. In her earlier years, Granny decided for herself when she would die. She went around making farewell trips to her family. Twenty years later, Granny’s death was upon her and she decides that she isn’t ready to go. Only God can decide ones NEED APOS. ONE 'S time to die (Matthew 25:13). I think that Granny fits into the category of one of the virgins who went to market for oil because at the end, she only saw

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