The Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow Laws

The Jim Crow laws were statutes enacted by Southern States, beginning in the late 1870s in early 1880s, the legalized segregation between African Americans and whites. The Jim Crow laws restricted the rights of African-Americans to use public facilities, schools, to vote, to find decent employment, basically excluding African-Americans from existing their rights as citizens of the United States.
Racial discrimination may have been most well known as a southerner state to chew ation, but in reality it occurred in all of the states. The oppression included state-approved discrimination as well as violence. Many of the ‘Jim Crow’ laws were set in place after Civil War and during the Reconstruction of the Southern States and we're allowed on both the state and local levels. Those black Americans that had been former slaves, but we're now considered free, had limited rights under Jim Crow laws.
This means that if a local area past as long that was based on discrimination, it was allowed. The Jim Crow laws basically offered African Americans a ‘separate by equal’ status. They had equality, only as far as the local or state laws permitted. The reason these laws were passed is due to the fact that the white governing communities thought that black Americans were inferior to them.
Some of the Jim Crow laws that were passed were heavily based on segregation. This is the separation of black Americans from the white population in many of the daily activities and

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