The Jim Crow Laws : The American Association Of American Colored People And The National Urban League

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There are many different policies in the United States but I am only going to discuss two of them. The first policy that I am going to discuss is the Jim Crow Laws. The Jim Crow laws were a set of law’s that segregated all public facilities between the whites and the blacks. After the Civil War, there was a time period, which was called the Reconstruction period. “The reconstruction period from 1865 to 1877 was a time of patchwork laws regarding the legal status of Black Americans” (Civil). After the reconstruction period was over, the Jim Crow laws were born. When the Jim Crow Laws were formed, there were a couple of different organizations that formed because of the laws. Two examples of organizations formed are The National Association of American Colored People and the National Urban League. The NAACP’s main focus was on the legal strategies that were designed to confront all of the certain civil rights issues that were very important to them (History). Segregation was seen in many different places all throughout the society. Some examples of these places are schools, water fountains, restrooms, and even public transportation. African American’s where treated very unfairly compared to the white people. If African Americans ever disobeyed these laws they most likely get thrown in prison. The second organization that was formed because of the Jim Crow Laws was called the National Urban League. The National Urban League, also referred to the NLU, was actually formed by
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