The Jim Crow Laws and African Americans

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Jim Crow The angry African American crowd chanted, “Separate but equal isn’t equal!”. The Jim Crow laws were considered legally fair , but they were really degrading to blacks in most public facilities. The laws basically allowed racism and discrimination, but said it wasn’t. Blacks faced many places and spots that were segregated mainly in the south. Some of the main areas that this segregation happened was on public buses, schools, and balloting poles. The African American population was outraged by this. The Jim Crow laws were passed into law in 1965. The laws went down to even the local level. They caused Africans social, educational, and economic hardships and endeavors. The Jim Crow laws were very similar to the Black Codes passed in 1800-1866. The Black Codes and the Jim Crow Laws were similar which restrict civil rights and liberties. The slogan adopted for the Jim Crow laws was, ‘Separate but equal.” This was rarely the case though in many places the facilities were not equal. Public buses were segregated due to the Jim Crow Laws. Usually the African Americans had to perch in the rear section of the bus and allow the whites to sit in the front. The rule was that every white person had to have a seat, even if an African American had to give up his/her seat to the white. An instance where this did not happen is when a woman named Rosa Parks didn’t give her seat to a white male. This occurred in Montgomery, Alabama on city bus. She had just gotten
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