The Joan Of Arcs : The Maid Of Orl�ans

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13 October 2017
The Maid of Orléans
Joan of Arc was a military leader and a warrior. She acted under the divine guidance of God. She was a national heroine at the age of only eighteen (“Joan of Arc”1). AT the age of only eighteen, Joan led the French at Orléans to victory. At the time of Joan of Arc’s birth the French in the English were embroiled in the Hundred Years’ War against one another; the dispute began over who would be the heir to the French throne. She fought for the French during the Hundred Years’ War (“Joan of Arc” 1).
In 1412 Joan of Arc was born. She was born in the Vosges region of eastern France in a village called Domremy (“Joan of Arc (1412-1431)” 1). Joan of Arc was born to Jacques d’ Arc and his wife, Isabelle, also known as Romée, poor tenant farmers. Joan learned domestic skills from her mother and did not venture far from her house (“Joan of Arc”1). Joan started to experience visions and came to believe that the saints had commanded her to free France. She felt the saints wanted her to have the dauphin, heir to the throne, crowned as king (Spielvogel 310). King Henry V of England, invaded northern France, in the year 1415. After delivering a devastating blow to the French forces England gained the support of the Burgundians in France (“Joan of Arc” 1). In the year 1420 the Treaty of Troyes granted the throne to Henry V. Henry would inherit the throne after Charles VI’s death. Henry and Charles died only
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