The Job Analysis Of The O * NET System

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With the growth in technology, organizations are no longer dependent on the advertisements in the local newspaper to render the perfect candidate for the job. Social medial has provided a vast array of information in both providing sources and methods in the area of recruitment. One source that has been proven to be very helpful and used by the federal government as a primary source of information concerning employees is the O*NET system, occupational information network (Bethel University, 2013). The O*NET system can aid an organization in developing a job description for any level of employment, in addition to suggesting salary ranges for a particular area. An additional source that could be utilized for any level of job is a job…show more content…
A structured interview could be conducted, providing a predetermined outline where answers of all being interviewed could be compared, and a panel of peers could be established in order to deliver unbiased opinions. Writing samples could be required, along with letters of recommendation (Schuman, 2014). In addition, interviews could be conducted by the means of Skype in order to reduce the expense of time and travel, considering the candidates could be anywhere in the world. Reference checks should be performed to prove the education level, along with employment history, and drug testing should also be included in the process. Preparing to hire an entry level machine operator would require the development of a job description, which could be obtained by the use of O*NET, and a job analysis should be created in order to provide specific expectations of the job (Bethel University, 2013). Sources such as CareerBuilder and indeed could be enlisted to advertise for the open position, in addition to contacting local trade schools and vocational schools. Many businesses within the Jackson, Tennessee area participate in PIE, partner’s in education. Therefore, local high schools could also be notified of job openings, such as the entry level machine operator. Temporary agencies could also be enlisted to hire entry level positions, providing a large pool of people
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