The Job Learning And The Transfer Of Knowledge Occurs When Employees Perceive Leader Support

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organizational context. Design and Methods Using a modified survey by Engelbrecht and Mahembe (2013), the following hypotheses were addressed: Hypothesis 1: The facilitation of on-the-job learning and the transfer of knowledge occurs when employees perceive leader support. Hypothesis 2: Organizational learning was conducive to employee growth and development. Hypothesis 3: Servant leadership environments aid the transfer of knowledge by building a culture of learning whereby employees perceived the value of learning. Hypothesis 4: Employee growth and development was positively associated with organizational performance. Hypothesis 5: Leading by example or mentoring resulted in employees mimicking positive organizational citizenship…show more content…
These individuals are employees of Chick-fil-A, Freehold Raceway Mall, Freehold, New Jersey, an organization whose leadership style is that of servant leaders. The second part of this investigation focused on training as an antecedent of organizational performance in a servant leadership environment. Dr. Herb Shaffer (Institute for Servant Leadership), Dr. Bill Jones (Area Director for the Church of God in Michigan) and Dr. Rebecca New-Edson (Area Director for the Church of God in Western Pennsylvania), professional trainers were also interviewed. These interviews were comprised of questions focusing on training in a servant leadership environment and the impact on organizational performance. Discussions and Results section of this research paper outline the findings. Limitations A limitation of this research may be the length of time on the job and the relationship of trust demonstrated by followers based on the trustworthy behaviors of the leader. The measurement of emotional intelligence, which leads to trust, may be another factor that influenced the trust rating. Analysis and Discussion Voluntary and anonymous surveys completed by eight out of twelve Chick-fil-A employees focused on four areas that have a strong relationship with and evidence of employee engagement and creating an organizational culture that is conducive to exciting organizational citizenship behaviors. The results are as follows. Section B:
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