The Job Of A Civil Servant

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The job of a civil servant can be challenging as there are matters that a law enforcement officer has to do to balance their job in a fair and impartial way. Some circumstances can emerge, and a police officer must proportion these issues evenly to do his/her job in an honorable and objective way. It is vital to appreciate that there needs to be equality between the person’s rights and being able to protect the commonalty good. Likewise, another controversy that can come up in law enforcement is the exercising of compensation and retribution in criminal justice along with some police personnel’s adoption of trickery to complete their task. It is imperative to be mindful that making ethical decisions can help make these matters a little more straightforward for the officer that finds him/her in a position where these conditions come into play. This mentality can assist with making issues barely troublesome for an agent of the law that possibly will find themselves in a situation wherever a problem can materialize. It can be hard to deduce the appropriate equivalence between by oneself’s rights and the public’s protection (Inbau, 1999). There are some countries where the residents do not have freedoms, and in the name of national preservation, the government can go overboard. The inhabitants of these countries endure in constant dismay of authoritative encroachment, the removal of a loved one, or tighter restraints on movement, communication, and affiliation (Ferdico,
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