The Job Of A Counselor Is Not Always An Easy Path

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The job of a counselor is not always an easy path; while practicing the art of counseling, it is quite common to encounter ethical dilemmas that will cause the therapist to make abrupt decisions about the proper course of action to implement in situations that are difficult to solve. It is essential that the counselor always keep in mind the ethical code and abide to all given responsibilities and duties as specified by the guidelines of the American Counseling Association. In doing this, the counselor is not only saying that they know how to counsel a patient, but understand the requirements and guidelines in remaining competent while delivering quality service. Counselor Values The case involving the 19-year old rape victim, who…show more content…
It is also important that I listen and not take sides while being able to advise my client on the pros and cons of having an abortion. It is essential to note that I cannot change the mind or attitude of my client or her parents. As a counselor all that I can do at this time is advise them and guide them to finding a solution. In the case of the client who is requesting assisted suicide, I would encourage speaking to her family about her decision. The ACA (2005) guidelines instructs that the counselor should be able to measure and receive complete assessment regarding the ability to make competent, rational decisions on their own behalf from a mental health professional who is experienced in end of life care practices. The next step for me would be to refer my client to a mental healthcare provider for further observation and making that decision; her family should also try to be involved or play a part in the decision making process. According to Mitchel’s & Reeves (2009) clients may often change their minds after undergoing counseling as not to end their life, hence it is always best to put personal feelings aside and focus on helping the client by providing the right support that will help that individual in reaching the right decision about their intended action.
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