The Job Of A Forensic Artist

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Abstract Law enforcement agencies have relied on forensic art as one of their investigation methods for many years. The job of a forensic artist is quite difficult because he or she must reconstruct an image of an individual based on just hearsay and memory from another individual. The purpose of this study is to research forensic artists, also known as sketch artists, and their ability to draw up a suspect through the information provided by a witness. Interviews on two different forensic artists provide insight of the duties and hardships a law enforcement sketch artist takes on. The process of how law enforcement sketch artists are able to recreate the face of another individual, and how that picture can be a very useful piece of evidence for crime reports will also be addressed throughout the study. This study is relevant to anthropology because it touches on how how an individual perceives those around them and forensics itself is also one of the key topics discussed in biological anthropology. Statement of the Research Question Sketch artists are capable of reconstructing the faces of suspects by either the detailed information (or lack of detailed information) given to them by those who were at the scene of the crime, which is quite a challenging task to do. The overall questions I want to address and answer are how accurate are the artist’s sketches and whether or not TV shows and or movies accurately depict the everyday life of a forensic artist. Review of

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